Ben rode into town and tied the buggy up outside the general store. His wife had told him some things they needed. Normal things, Salt, Sugar, seed potatoes, seed corn, bacon, ham, and eggs. He also bought a bag of flour and had it all loaded in the buggy. He made some small talk with the women that were shopping in the store. He knew that they did not know what to do with him, having a native woman for a wife. He knew that if they spent some time talking to her they would come around.

In the middle of a conversation, gun shots rang out. Doc grabbed his hat, nodded, and headed in the direction the sound came from stopping only long enough to grab his medical bag and Bible. He was fairly sure one of the two would be needed.

Doc enters the saloon and looks where all the people are looking. “Afternoon folks, Mr. Wagner, ladies,” Doc says as he enters. Then he asks Jack, “Shoot to kill or just wound?” either was possible as he moves in to tend to the wounded man. He unbuttoned his frock coat, his captain knots showing, and knelt down to check for a pulse and inspect the gunshot wounds.

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