Alliances - Into the wolf's den

Mondette looped her arm 'round Mattie's elbow and lead her to her 'room' down the hall, shutting the door behind them. She chose Mondette because she seemed like she had her thumb on the pulse of things at the saloon, and she had a pleasant voice with a bit of a soft foreign accent that was nice to listen to.

The room in many ways looked like most other brothels. it had some mismatched, over-sized plush furniture, a gold ornate vanity, feather boas on the wall, and it smelled like a combination of sex and perfume. This room also had a wood plaque with a list of what Mattie assumed were house rules:

All services to be paid in advance
No beating the whores
Spurs not to be worn in bed
Discharging of weapons in the rooms or at the whores will not be tolerated
Animal acts will cost extra
No half-breeds, heathen savages or Chinamen allowed
Payment in gold dust, nuggets or pesos acceptable
No sleeping in the be

Mattie rubbed the back of her neck as she read. Huh. I always thought whore was disrespectful, but I reckon if they call themselves whores, it's acceptable. Animal acts? What in tarnation... She contemplated what that was longer than she cared to admit. That was a conversation best left for another day, if ever.

"Payment in advance." Mattie read aloud, removing a coin from her pocket and laying it on the nightstand. Mondette's demeanor changed, where she had been friendly earlier, it was nothing compared to the instant the coin was set down.

"You can come and sit down,"Mondette said, while patting the corner of the bed next to her. "I don't bite neither." seductively she added "unless upon request" at the end of her sentence. Mattie sat on the overstuffed chaise lounge across from the bed.

"Ma'am, I just need a few minutes of your time."

Mondette looked at the amount on the nightstand. "You have a bit more than that, darlin'." She said coyly, positioning herself next to Mattie on the lounge.

"I'm lookin' for someone in particular. Likely I'll be lookin' for a lot of someone's, and I'll gladly pay you for your time, but this someone in particular goes by the name of Silas." Mattie retrieved a rolled up photograph from her satchel, giving Mondette the opportunity to move closer, tiptoe walking her fingertips up Mattie's arm. Mondette laid her chin on Mattie's shoulder as she studied the picture.

"You're tense..." She noted, starting to work her hands into the back of Mattie's neck. Mattie didn't so much mind, after a long day of riding, it was definitely welcome, but she was also there for business, not shenanigans.

"Has he been here?"

"Hmmm..."" Mondette studied the eyes and face on the sepia paper staring back at her, while she worked on a knot in Mattie's shoulder. Mattie moved the poster closer to see. "He's definitely not a regular. I don't believe he's ever been our way. Are you sure he fancies the ladies?"

"Sure as the day is long." Mattie replied, rolling the poster back up carefully. "I heard he may be with one of the local gangs. "

"Most of the Starrs and Silver Hand's find their way our way eventually. Usually after a robbery, they'll have extra burnin' holes in their pocket.I'll keep an eye for him. Don't you fret none, if he has settled with one of the gangs, he'll come knocking."

Mattie closed her eyes, relaxing as Mondette dug an elbow into her shoulder blade, letting out a moan that could have been mistaken for what normally goes on in that sort of room.

"What is that?" She asked, as Mondette went to work on her other shoulder.

"You like? It's all the rage in Sweden. They call it a mass- ah-jee." Mattie rolled her shoulders and stretched out her arms.

"You could start a whole parlor with nothing but that and folks would come for miles, I bet. "

"Oh, honey." Mondette said with another coquette smile. "That's definitely not what I'm known for." Mattie cleared her throat and changed the subject.

"I'm going to ride out to Westchester tomorrow, pick up some photographs. Maybe after you can look through them and... " A gunshot from the saloon ripped her from serenity, but Mondette patted her arm reassuringly.

"That happens sometimes. Either someone was beating on a girl, or cheatin' in a card game, usually. Jack has his own set of rules. You come back and see me when you have your new posters. Mattie collected her belongings, and headed back downstairs to see who he assumed was the doctor or undertaker with a man who went and got hisself shot.

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