Shots, a New Face, and a Shot

No one really thinks he knew what happened. Before his gun even cleared his holster, Jack and his Enforcer had both drawn their guns and fired. Jack fired once and his enforcer fired twice. All 3 shots hit him in the chest and he fell to the floor. It wasn't that they were faster, they jsut had an idea of where it was going and there was no way they could close the distance to him before it happened.

Cody was still in the doorway of the bar when the shots rang out. Instinctively, he drew his gun as his mind flashed back to when he was eleven, standing outside of the bank in Kansas as the shots that killed his folks were fired. Cody turned to see the man on the floor, three holes in his chest, while Jack and two of his men stood over him.

Easy folks. He knew the rules and he was drawing on unarmed men. Looking back at the bar.
Will one of you please go get the Sheriff, Doc Preacher and Jo. You men at the table, I'll need you to wait for the Sheriff please. Everyone else, your next drink is on the house and I do apologize for the interruption.

Cody turned back to the street. He had just seen Jo. He confirmed that Doc was already running as fast as he could across the street from the general store.

Cody holstered his revolver and turned back inside the bar. As he did, Cody noticed a new face with the blues eyes of an angel walking down the stairs.

His first thought was that Madame Richter musta got some new talent. Cody treated them like ladies, but never used their services. They sure were pretty enough, but Cody didn’t like the looks of the men who did use their services.

Something was different about this one though. It musta been the way she was outfitted - not in a dress. She was outfitted more like, well more like he was. Her tan features also testified she had been out in the sun. Riding, most likely. Which was another thing most ladies didn’t do. The ones he knew usually road in carriages or coaches.

Cody tip his hat to the lady. He walked over to the bar then and poured himself a shot. He had to get the memory of that past event out of his mind. Cody picked up the glass and down the whiskey. Slowly, with another shot the pain was eased.

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