On the Hunt

Callahan looked to Tucker and motioned for the horses. "It would be an honor." Callahan climbed on to his horse and they both took off down the road that led out of the town. He looked around. "Where do you think they're headed? If we don't have a clue as to where their camp is, how are we supposed to track 'em. It's been a half an hour, they could be anywhere."

“It appears they exited town by means of the blacksmith shop,” Tucker surmised. “From the reports o’ the deputies, they also rode in from that away. Sos, I suggest ridin’ that away.”

Tucker sent three of his boys back ta West Chester ta bring James to Silverado. The fourth would ride with hisself and Callahan.

Tucker jestured with his hand, “Shall we ride?”

Dowd was in the office, planning a hangin.’ Someone would hang afore the weeks out, he’d make sure of it. They had ta start bringin some hard justice ta these outlaws. Show ‘em whose boss!

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