First Capture

Workin’ the lever action with one hand, Cody declared, “Time fer some lernin’ in manners!”

Mattie's heart caught in her throat, her eyes growing wide as she reached for her gun. She wasn't sure who shot first, but she did know she shot fastest, and old Calvin fell off his horse before he even cocked the hammer back. Felix's gun went off, the rifle went off, and Mattie pulled Cody for cover behind the large rocks as Felix's horse reared up, stepping on old Calvin, who hollered in pain. e ground, Felix shot back towards Mattie, who fired back as Cody drew his side piece and did the same.

The whole fight was over in a matter of less than a minute, but in Mattie's mind it lasted much much longer. Felix decided that it wasn't worth risking his own neck to save nobody, so he turned tail while firing behind him, one of the bullets ricocheting off the rock. He abandoned his gang friend, who lay on the ground moaning. Mattie had been focused on the six shooter pointed at Cody and shot a whole clean through Calvin's hand, taking two fingers with it. Adding injury to that, he'd not only been stepped on by his own horse, but trampled by Felix's mare as well. The outlaw swore up a storm about killing them both.

"Kin you cover him?" She asked Cody with an excited smile, hugging him with gratitude for being okay. Her adrenaline was riding high. As much as she wanted to go after Felix, she didn't know how close to the Silver Hand camp they were, which means they'd have to get out of there, and fast. "I knew it! Calvin Cade." She held up the poster up for Cody to see. "Five hundred US Dollars for the capture of Calvin Cade, Wanted in connection to various crimes committed by the Silver Hand Gang. Congrats, Bucky! That's two fifty a piece! "

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