I ain't apologizing to no one

Franks turned his attention to the outlaw, with Cody’s cocked gun pointed in his face. “If’n I were you, I’d be mighty apologetic like fer being rude ta Miss Hicks here!”

Cade gathered up his strength, holding onto his hand tightly to contain the bleeding, and because it hurt like sin. It was his shootin' hand, what good was he now what with two fingers missin' like that. Calvin Cade wasn't a man at this point with anything to lose. "I ain't apologizin' to no one." He spit with everything he had at Cody. "That's what I think of your pretty-boy whore'n Mattie Hicks." He said through gritted teeth. He picked up the only thing he could find, a severed finger and hurled it towards Cody.

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