Bringing him to Justice

Mattie smiled at Cody's enthusiasm, and his chivalry. Calvin's words didn't bother her none, "Well, It is easier t'bring him back dead..." Mattie said, pretending to think it over.

"All right, all right, sheesh.... I'm sorry Mattie Hicks." Calvin said, spitting venom. Mattie took a rope from her saddlebag.

"Miss Mattie." She corrected, tying his feet together.

"If you think I'm going ta..." Mattie tied her bandanna tightly on his wounded hand to stop the bleeding, not being exceptionally gentle. "Fine! Miss Mattie! I'm sorry Miss Mattie." Mattie laughed, and tied his wrists together.

"Know who I hear is in town, Mr. Cade? Judge Dowd. Be an' honor t'be tried by him, won't it? Don't worry, I hear he's real reasonable... Maybe you'll be a lamb and let us know where the camp is? I mean, Felix there was pretty quick to leave you high n' dry."

She secured his wrists and ankles to each stirrup, so he was lying on his stomach across the saddle. Not the most comfortable way to ride, but his comfort wan't her top priority. Anyone who'd rob, steal, or kill someone for their own gain, they didn't deserve consideration or comfort. He deserved whatever Judge Dowd decided for him.

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