Being out side A'ni nit was the first to feel bullets wiz by him. He yelled the white men pulled at his ropes. Ome man fell dead next to him and he used his foot to jiggle the mans knife off his belt and over to his self. A bullet zipped by his face amd moved his hair. He didnt stop moving cutting his ropes to free his self.

Marley woke to the sound of bullets and roled to the floor covering her head her hair was still down and fell in her face making it hard to see. What was going on? She crawled on her tummy out side trying to stay low but find the others. Suddenly hads grabbed her shoulders and ahe was pulled to her feet and running. It was the boy. The indian. He oulled her after him twords the edge of camp twords the river. On the edge of camp they were stoped by a man with a shot gun. A'ni nit let out a cry grabbing his now recovered knife from his neck he flew at the man landing hard on his chest and burring the knife deep in his neck. When he was down he grabbed the nice woman oulling her behind him. As they raced for thw river. "wait we have to go back we have to help them! " Marley yelled. As they got close to the river she could see bart and Eliza. A'ni nit let out another sharo sounding call like "yhi yhi!" hopeing to get their attention. "bart! Eliza!" marley called running to them. "we have to do something they are killing the guys!" a'ni nit stopped torn between helping and takeing this moment to run home. Why even help these white men? But then... Some had shown him kindness. "i couldn't get to my gun. I couldn't see i.. All i have is my knife...we have to go back!" marley babbled trying to oush her hair out of her face. But even as she spoke the gun shot died down. Both her and a 'ni nit trying to still stay low.

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