Hope Ye Can Swim

Eliza clenched her teeth as she crouched as low to the ground as she could. With all these men shooting at them from all directions, there wasn’t much of an escape. Even if she were to lie down on the ground throughout the entire morning, eventually a bullet would hit her.

She looked to where she last saw Bart and found him sitting on a rock near the water. She’d tried so hard not to get too attached to him, but it’d all been for nothing. She knew that if he were to die today, she’d still hurt the same as she would have if she hadn’t been lying to herself this whole time.

A gunshot hit the dirt beside her and she dived out of its way only to have another hit the dirt on her other side.

“Shit,” she cursed to herself. She didn’t know what to do. Men were dying all around her and even if she were to get up and shoot, she knew it’d do no good. She’d just die with them.

Finally she looked at the river and an idea, perhaps her only hope, popped into her head.

She propped herself onto her knees and held her pistol up, aiming it at one of the shadows. Even though the sun was starting to rise, it was still too dark to make out anyone’s faces.

She pulled the trigger and watched as the shadow fell to his knees. She’d hit his leg.

As quick as she could with her injured hip and arm, she crawled her way towards Bart, taking cover behind the large stone. Eliza knew that he wouldn’t like leaving his gang and his father behind, and neither did she, but if she had to choose between watching him die and trying to save both of them, she had to go with the latter.

Before she spoke she fired a couple more shots at shadows which she didn’t watch long enough to know if she had hit. As she reloaded her pistol she had to shout over the loud sounds of gunshots.

“We have to jump into the river, it’s our only chance! There aren’t any men standin’ on the other side of shore! It’s a long way, hope ye can swim.” Before he could even answer, Eliza fired her last few shots and pulled him into the water with her.

Just before she could break through the rivers surface, something hit her into the leg hard. A bullet.

"bart! Eliza!" marley called running to them. "we have to do something they are killing the guys!"

Eliza only looked at Marely before her head disappeared underwater.

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