The Innocent and the Guilty

"I ain't looking to shoot nobody, but I will if I have to. If he's innocent, that's up t'the judge to decide, ain't it? All I know is he's driving a wagon that's got known leader of the Silver Hand, Elliot Gray hole up in the back. He's the one I want, I'm fixin' to bring him to justice."

Manny kept his hands in the air as he stepped down from the driver’s seat of the wagon. “I geef ap!” he declared to Cody, stepping in front of Cody’s gun.

Cody looked to Mattie, then kept his gun on Mattie, while keepin an eye on the wagon. The only movement on the wagon was comin from the Mexican girl, who was full of tears.

“Manuel!” she mournfully cried, running to him after getting down. She flung her arms about him. “¡No! ¡No puedes hacer esto! ¿Que haré?”

“Ve con ellos, Isobel,” Manny said, pointing at the Sister and the man claiming to be the new Father.

Manny looked to the Sister. He pleaded, “Por favor! Keep mi hermana safe!”


“I tol’ ya we shoulda wenta Pine. Things are too hot here. But may be we can kill two birds wit one stone,” Hawkes suggested, pulling his rifle from its case.

“Go git Elliot,” Hawkes suggested, smiling as he aimed the rifle and fired.


The bullet missed its mark by inches, striking Manny in the back left shoulder. Manny was flung into Isobel, whose eyes reflected horror.

Cody turned to see the man wit the rifle. He appeared to put another shell in its chamber. Cody kicked Ol’ Paint into action and charged toward the crust lookin man.


Hawkes grinned as he placed the gun back in its side case. He turned his horse and began to flee, hopin that Sutton would take advantage of the distraction. The wagon was empty with Elliot alone in the back.

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