This is a terrible plan!

Mattie climbed off Coyote, smacking the horse in the hindquarters so he'd take off, the last thing she wanted was him to go and get shot. Once he was to safety, she ducked behind the wagon, and watched wide-eyed while Cody took off after the rifleman. The Mexican woman was screaming loudly in a language Mattie couldn't understand, and she assumed that meant the Mexican driver was in fact dead.

"You..." Elliot's voice shook. "You okay Manny? Who...who...w-who's comin'?"

'Hangman's noose, that's who's a comin' for you.' Mattie thought, letting a smile cross her face.

Boyd saw his chance. Firing towards the innocent padre and his companion, the father dragged the sister and did his best to drag Manny's sister behind the wagon they'd been riding in, but Isobel wouldn't leave Manny's side. The pastor and the sister ended up dragging both the wounded Manny and Isobel behind cover, the pastor tipping over his wagon to do so. "We're not armed!" The pastor called out.

"I don't care!" He called back. That girl was out there and she was armed, just waiting for him to poke his head out enough. Well, he weren't going to wait around for it. Besides, he knew something she didn't. He shot, she shot back twice, and that's when he heard the signal. "All right!" He called. "All right... I'm coming out... Don't shoot, you kin' take me to jail." Mattie didn't trust him, it reeked of a trap, but he threw his side arm to the ground. Most likely out of bullets. She rationalized.

"Come on out." She ordered, trying to keep an eye on the wagon also. "Lie on the ground, on yer belly."

"Ya got me, I give..." Mattie stood up behind the wagon.

"Behind you!" The new pastor called. Mattie spun just in time to see old Felix had been cut free and she ducked just in time to hear his bullet soar overhead.

"Sonuvabitch." She cried, using her left sidearm to fire on Felix, center mass. He had his chance, he made the grave he was going to lie in.

Boyd seized the opportunity to grab his pistol and fire, as he ran to the wagon, immediately starting the horses running. With little time to do anything else, Mattie climbed in the back with old Elliot himself. Things for Mattie were about to get real interesting. She only hoped Cody was faring much better.

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