Safety of Pine

Ethan Hawkes ran his horse hard. That damndable blacksmith was follerin him, he knew it. So he pushed his horse hard.

Pine should be quiet. The sheriff of Pine was one a the ones that were shootin at the camp. He was certain of it. The other looked ta be Tucker. With the sheriff out of town, Pine’d be a safe haven fer a while.

It was late afternoon when Hawkes fled. He hit the limits of Pine tween 8:30 and 9:00 PM.

Cautiously, Hawkes entered the saloon. He looked around when all eyes settled upon him as he entered. But then, all eyes returned to their own activity. That’s when Hawkes noticed the lady with the long dark hair at the bar. She appeared to have had a few. May be This was his day after all.

Hawkes walked to the bar, taking the seat next to Marley. He ordered a whiskey for hisself and one for her. When the whiskey came, Hawkes handed one to her and asked, “What’s a purdy lil’ thing like you doin in a place like this?” With his cocked eyes, Marley couldn’t be certain he was lookin at her or the drink in her hand.

On thing Cody Franks realized, he was no tracker. He lost sight of Hawkes the moment Hawkes had left Silverado. There were numerous places along the way where Hawkes could hide or ambush him. Instead of pushing Ol’ Paint, he proceeded cautiously, wishin Mattie were with him. With the darkness around him, Cody knew he wasn’t going to find the man what shot the Mexican. He knew Pine must be close by, so he continued along the road.

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