Hawkes walked to the bar, taking the seat next to Marley. He ordered a whiskey for hisself and one for her. When the whiskey came, Hawkes handed one to her and asked, “What’s a purdy lil’ thing like you doin in a place like this?” With his cocked eyes, Marley couldn’t be certain he was lookin at her or the drink in her hand.

Marley was laughing with a young man with dirty brown hair. He was funny and nice. He was teaching her the words to a not so lady like song. Thats when the new man sat down and handed her a new drink. She gave him a smile. "you know i have been asking my self the same thing! What is a olace like this doing in a girl like me?" the man she had been talking to before soit his drink behind her and started laughing she joined in. Her cheeks rosey and eyes alittle glossy.

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