Run Sam

Linking arms with him, his name was sam, and his freind, she didn't know his name. They spilled out of the salloon a bundle of girlish giggles, manly laughter and of key singing. She didnt even notice bart as they stumbled along.

They walked a while to the front of the Sheriff’s Office. Hawkes paused ya look at the board in front. Sure enough, his ugly mug was plastered on one of the posters.

Sam noticed it too and had a panicked second look at Hawkes, afore attemptin ta run away from the man. A knife appeared out of the sleeve of Hawkes coat. He threw the knife, hitting Sam square in the back.

Grabbing Marley, Hawkes began forcing her to an alleyway. She could scream if she like. The sheriff wasn’t anywheres near here. She was easy pickins fer Hawkes.

“Yer comin with me, young’un!” he whispered in her ear. “We’re gonna have some fun!” His eyes were goin wild now, peerin almost in opposite directions.


Just entering town on Ol’ Paint was Cody Franks. Bounty Hunter Cody Franks. At this time, he wasn’t concerned ‘bout a bounty. His biggest concern was bein without Mattie and hopin she was safe. He didn’t like one bit bein out there without her. He sat on his horse, tryin to decide whether to stay or go back.


Bart was walkin away from the group. He didn’t even hear them walk out. He was certain that high bred Marley would not go into the saloon alone.

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