Hell cat

Marley let out a yelp when same went down. She moved to go to him but was being forced into a ally.

“Yer comin with me, young’un!” he whispered in her ear. “We’re gonna have some fun!” His eyes were goin wild now, peerin almost in opposite directions.

For a moment the drunk oart of her brain wondered how he could even see with eyes like those. Then survival kicked in and she did scream. She screamed and kicked and calawed like some kind of hell cat. In desperation she leaned forward and sunk her teeth into his cheek. He let her go briefly to hold his face. This gave her the opportunity to retrieve the dagger that she kept on her thigh. It had not left her since the indans. She came up slinging it back wards with a angry yell. It got him across the chest..blood covered her hand and her blows. She took the moment to run full speed out of the ally. She was still very drunk and not really sure witch way she ran sh just ran. She glanced behind her to see if he had followed. Thats when she smacked full into some one.
She looked up her eyes wild dagger gripped tightly in her hands. It was bart.
She threw her self at him pointing

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