Still a bad plan!

The cart was anything but steady, and Mattie knew she wouldn’t be able to hit nothing by shooting, nothing that is except Elliot. Unfortunately, he thought the same thing and in a semi lucid state he raised his pistol in her direction. Mattie worked on instinct, kicking the gun out of his hand just as the wagon bounced, causing her to fall on her backside and lose her own gun. The only reason she’d lasted as long as she did was because Elliot was wounded, something she could use to her advantage. While Gray scrambled to get his gun, Mattie brought her boot heel down hard on his bandaged leg. He let out a howl so loud that Sutton turned around to take notice, just in time for Mattie to pitch forward at him as he drove the wagon. Wrestling with Mattie, he let go of the reins and the two of them fell to the back of the wagon, Boyd trying to reach his gun, and Mattie trying desperately to not let that happen as the wagon didn’t show any signs of slowing. Had she had time, Mattie would have cussed herself for biting off more than she could chew.

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