To the Rescue

She glanced behind her to see if he had followed. Thats when she smacked full into some one.
She looked up her eyes wild dagger gripped tightly in her hands. It was bart.
She threw her self at him pointing.

Cody was about to turn back and return to Silverado when he heard a woman scream. He spurred Ol’ Paint in the direction.

Bart heard it too and knew it must be Marley. He turned and began headin in the direction at a sprint. He saw Marley run from the alley, tried to git her attention, but took her full force in the chest, bringin immediate pain.

Cody saw the lady run out too. He quickly got off Ol Paint an headed toward the alley.

Bart recognizes Cody. “Damn,” he muttered. “What’s the blacksmith doin ‘ere?”

Bart pulled up his collar an lowered his hat so the blacksmith couldn’t identify ‘im. He held Marley close with his good hand. “Shhhh! I gotchya now,” he calmly whispered. “What happened?”

At that moment, a bloodied Hawkes walked out, grinnin. “She’s feisty, that lil’ gal!”

Then he saw Cody. He shook his head. “Here I thought you’d give up chasin us afta we burnt yer shop an home. Ain’t you lernt yer lesson yet, boy?”

Cody recognized Hawkes as the guy he’d been chasin. He stood there, goin over in his mind what Mattie had taught him. “Both eyes, Cody Franks,” he could almost hear her perfect voice.

Hawkes began to grin, his eyes almost seemed to jump in their sockets. Hawkes drew his revolver.

So did Cody. He didn’t know if’n it was fer his youth or remembrin Mattie, But Cody Franks was quicker.

Hawkes was dumbfounded by the hole in his chest. He fell to his knees, firing his gun, which was now pointed at the ground. “Damn!” he muttered. “The Blacksmith?” It was a question he took to his grave as Ethan Hawkes fell face first to the ground, no more to take advantage of the fairer sex.

Bart didn’t want to risk the blacksmith seeing him. He whispered to Marley, “It’s over. He’s dead. Let’s go.”

Cody, sweat streaming down his face, breathed at last. “Thank you Mattie Hicks,” he graciously declared.

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