“Heard a wagon leavin,” Tucker reported. “I was shot an pinned down. Couldna follered.”

Tucker stood, showing hisself a bit wobbly from a loss of blood. “Best git back to Silverado. I think that’s the direction the wagon went.”

Callahan nodded and helped Tucker to his feet. Callahan looked around and saw his horse trotting in the distance. He whistled and the horse began to warily approach. "Alrighty then," Callahan said. "We should get goin'. Things are goin' south."

He hopped on to his horse and looked in the direction of Silverado. "Okay," he muttered, "let's go."
The woman kicked the gun out of Elliot's hand, and he began to reach for it. His head was swirling, and then pain shot through his leg. He howled and grabbed for his leg. While he waited for the pain to subside, the wagon thumped as Boyd and the woman fell into the back.

They began to wrestle, and Elliot reached and grabbed his gun. He pulled back the hammer again and pointed it in their direction. He began to fade into the unconscious, and as his world went black, he pulled the trigger.

OOC: RIP Hawkes, great character

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