On Horseback Once Again

"Intrestin’ ye should put it that way,” Bart replied. “She almost got a poundin from a wild man last night.”

“So she’ll know exactly what I mean won’t she?” Eliza said and smiled.

She moved towards one of the horses and checked the girth, tightening it in preparation. Before she swung into the saddle she had to take a deep breath and work through the pain of it all.

Eliza was in a rather good mood today. She’d eaten and slept, and they’d get back to camp soon enough. If there was a camp left that is. It was the only thing that really bothered her.

She rode behind Bart and Marely as she pulled out the miniature painting of her grandmother in her shirt pocket. It was shriveled and brown at the edges, but her face was still identifiable, making Eliza smile. This town had brought back memories that she thought she’d long lost.

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