The Two Kings

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“Check this out,” Tucker requested of Callahan. “I need ta see the doc.”

Callahan began to walk to the scene and then saw Dowd had begun to deal with it. The bodies were taken away, and Callahan stared over the scene. "Damn," he muttered aloud. "This is gettin' interestin'."

He turned towards the hospital and walked inside. He went to the next floor up and walked into Alvin's room. The man sat there, looking better than he had the last he saw him. "Getting better?" Callahan asked him.

"You could say that," Alvin said. "I am feelin' better, though. Still gonna be in here for a bit. Hate to hear it."

"The Silver Hand is on the run," Callahan began. "Elliot's gone, and the others are either shot or scattered. I don't know if the Starr's are wrangled yet, but-"

"I sent Pedro," Alvin said. "Apparently they have their location on lock, went to deal with 'em."

"Boone?" Callahan chuckled. "Jesus Christ. That incompetent fool can't do shit."

"I don't know much more than that," Alvin said, "but we need people to assist him. I want you to."

"Excuse me?"

"Go out to Riverside and Pedro and Boone defeat the-"

"Absolutely not," Callahan shouted. "I'm not-"

"Do it!" Alvin yelled. "The Silver Hand is at bay, and I have a feelin' that Dowd's got them under his grip. The Starr's are up in the air. Go to Riverside, please. For me. I hate Boone as much as you do, but please do it. Please."

Callahan nodded. "Fine. But then I'm headin' back to Pine. Been away for too damn long. Plus, I owe you one."

Alvin nodded. "Thank you." Callahan began to walk away. "In three days I should be out of here. Maybe."

"Good," Callahan said. "Very good."

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