Wide Awake

Cody Franks had no idea how long he’d been asleep. But it was a deep sleep. He was dreamin if he an Mattie on the swim they never took. Suddenly he was poked. He opened his eyes to see a rifle pointed at him. What’s more, it was his own rifle.

"Here's how it's gonna be little man, " he said, though he wasn't taller than Cody by the least. "You're gonna take your weapon out of the holster real slow and toss it in that there ditch. And maybe if you're lucky, I won't shoot you right here and now."

How could Cody be so careless? He knew he was chasin ruthless outlaws. How could he have let his guard down. He recognized this man as the one what was with Hawkes when Cody’d started chasin him. He musta been the one that nabbed Mattie.

Slowly, Cody complied, unbuckling his belt. He was defenseless and regretting every moment. He realized he wasn’t a good bounty hunter on his own. He needed Mattie to complete him.

He slowly stood, the belt remaining on the ground. “What have ye done wit’ Mattie,” Cody asked.

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