"Mattie?" Boyd scoffed. "That's your whore's name? Messed her up real good, she ain't so pretty no more. If I were you, I'd worry about my own hide though. Your Mattie is as good as dead. You're my in-surance as to that. Go on towards yer horse, nice an' slow. Any sudden moves, I know just how t'wound a man so you'll live but wish you ain't. " He sidled around to let Cody pass, keeping out of reach less the smith get any ideas, then picked up the gun belt left laying on the ground.

"Toss that rope there over here." He ordered, pointing the rifle barrel to the rope hanging from Cody's saddle bag.

"Whatcha doin' out this way anyway, smith? Shouldn't you be rebuilding your shit shop? Who's gonna shoe all them horses? You should've kept your nose to your anvil where it belonged."

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