Keep the Secret

“Ye havena told me yet what really happened,” Eliza said and adjusted her horses pace to Marley’s and Bart’s. “I shoulda been there. I missed all the fun.”

“Would that ye were there,” Bart chimed in. “At least I know things mighta been diff’rent.” That was the truth. Marley mightna have been as brazen as she was with Liza there.

“Not much ta say, other than she drank a lot, went fer a walk, Hawkes kilt her boyfriend, and then attempted ta rape ‘er.”

He rode a minute afore rememberin That Hawkes did admire Marley’s spunky nature. It was a good quality, Bart thought.

“But she did break skin on the man’s cheek wit’ her teeth. She also slice ‘im ‘cross the chest. Almost stabbed me when she ran inta me.” he chuckled at that. “Truth is, that slice ‘cross Hawkes chest mighta been his downfall. It mighta slowed ‘im down enough fer the blacksmith ta beat his draw. So, good job, Lil Missy!”

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