Spinnin World

"Hope you like walkin' smith. If'n you don't? Hope you like being dragged." he nudged Chester with his heels. Chester, being Chester, of course didn't move. "Stupid horse..." Boyd swore, trying again. Chester still balked. so he resorted to slapping the horse's hind quarters with the leather reins. At least that got the beast moving. His pride wounded by the stupid horse's antics, Boyd took his foot from the stirrup to kick his boot to Cody's face.

The world was spinnin ‘round Cody. He felt blood trickin from his nose. He was certain it was broken. He ran his tongue o’er his teeth. At least he still had all of them.

He forced hisself up to one knee, then slowly got to his feet. He wasn’t gonna let this guy git his goat. He looked at Chester. How he wished fer Chester ta buck right now an throw the sonuvabitch.

Cody began to meditate upon seein Mattie again. It was the only thing that kept his feet movin. Somethin the man said gave Franks hope. Somethin about Cody vein insurance. So he kept puttin one foot in front of the other, Mattie on his mind.

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