The road back to Silverado

"Awful quiet, smith." Sutton mocked as Chester plodded along, "What's the matter, you can't think without the clank clank of your hammer hittin' an Anvil? Guess you won't hear it no more, seein' as all your shit was ruined in the fire. Shame about all them tools fallin' in the kiln like that." With his foot in the stirrup, he shortened the slack on the rope, pulling Cody forward. The thick cording cut deeper into the flesh of his wrists. He wanted a rise out of the man, and was determined to get one. "What do you think, smith? Your husband gonna come save you? The whore in men's trousers? Trade her life for yours? I'm gonna kill her real slow and painful like. " Boyd laughed to himself, and let the slack back out of the rope. "Few miles back to Silverado. How long you think you'll last?"

The sound of a second horse and wagon caught his attention from the distance. If it was who he thought it was, things were going to get real interesting, real fast.

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