Getting Rid Of A Burden

“But she did break skin on the man’s cheek wit’ her teeth. She also slice ‘im ‘cross the chest. Almost stabbed me when she ran inta me.” he chuckled at that. “Truth is, that slice ‘cross Hawkes chest mighta been his downfall. It mighta slowed ‘im down enough fer the blacksmith ta beat his draw. So, good job, Lil Missy!”

Eliza looked at Marely and gave her a look that said nothing but who would have though? in the most sarcastic manner she could manage.

“Well sounds ta me like ye handled yerself pretty well there Marely,” Eliza said and smiled. She was smiling a lot today. She hadn’t done it much since she left for her father’s funeral, but it felt strange. Especially since camp was shot down only a day ago.

Eliza rode in silence for the next two hours or so, concentrating more on breathing through any pain in her upper arm and her thigh. There was a lot of it.

It got so bad that she had to make them all stop, only so she could roll off her horse and into the dirt. She grasped her leg in pain breathing through clenched teeth.

She looked up at Marely and Bart still on their horses. It was true, she was a burden, there was no denying it. If it hadn’t been for her, they would have been able to ride faster, they wouldn’t have had to stop then.

Eliza wanted to get back up and say everything was alright, but it wasn’t the truth and getting back up was not the plan her body had for her then.

“Dammit,” she growled and dug her fingers into her hair. She’d been having such a good day until then.

At last she said the only thing that she could to still the terrible pang of humiliation that was eating at her. “Ye should go the resta the way without me. I just... I can’t—.” She really didn’t want to say it so she hissed it through her teeth. “I can’t continue ridin’ right now alright? Just ride fer camp, ya’ll’l get there much quicker without me. I’ll catch up later on.”

She scanned both of their faces and sighed. “I’ve rode this way alone before, I know where I’m goin’. How ta get te camp.”

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