No An Yer Not

She scanned both of their faces and sighed. “I’ve rode this way alone before, I know where I’m goin’. How ta get te camp.”

Marley slid off her horse "or you could take the pain meds iv been trying to give you. " she suggested. She was starting to worry about infection. It was common in dee

Bart reared in his horse. He eyed Liza with look that said, “Ya left me once an it ain’t gonna happen again.”

Shaking his head back-and-forth, Bart gruffly replied, “No an yer not stayin b’hind. There’s no tellin if’n the camp is still there. If’n Pa an Jake are still alive, an by God I hope they’re alive, there’s a good chance they’ve moved camp. How ya gonna find us then?”

Bart got off the horse an walked to Liza. He helped her up an looked her in those brown eyes so she understood how serious he was. “If’n one o’ us can’t move on, we all stay. Even If’n we have ta settle here, we stay.”

Bart never thought he’d consider settlin down. But more an more, the outlaw life was takin a toll. This was the first he had been shot. And now, every morning he was waken up sore. The women probably couldn’t relate to that; they were still young. Liza’s body would heal nicely. Bart’s wouldn’t.

Some folks would look down on a man like him even wantin a relationship with someone as young as Liza. She could be his daughter. That thought didn’t fit right with Bart. Hopefully, Bart didn’t remind her of her father. He knew of the abusive relationship they had. Was she drawn ta Bart because he was the father she wish she had? That was disturbing. He hoped not.

Ever since the kiss last night, Bart was gettin all these weird thoughts. Why’d Marley’s mother hafta do this to him? Things would been fine if’n she hadn’t picked him ta be the husband of her daughter.

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