Call To Peace

Marleys heart stopped for a moment then jumped into over drive. She sighed and leaned into him meeting his kiss with a fire all her own. She had a strange buring in her. Her skin felt to hot and a desier to be closer to him though they were less then a breath apart. She needed something..needed it with all she had in her but she had no idea what IT was.

Bart felt the heat in Marley’s kiss. Knew where it was leading. He backed away upon hearing someone working the flap of the tepee.

He could see it was dark outside, knew they would be spending at least the night here. That is, if they were still alive.

The person entering informed Bart that the Council was ready. He lead them to a huge fire, around which sat the three leaders of the tribe. Wild Dog did not look happy. However, Bart noticed peace pipes an his relief showed.

Black Ant and his beautiful mother were there. Bart thought that strange. They were placed in the forefront. Perhaps Black Ant was receiving Angry Bear’s approval.

The rest of the tribe sat around the fire, but in the background. They were already smoking their pipes.

Bart whispered to Marley, “We sit in around the fire with the Chiefs, Black Ant, and his Mother. We will smoke from Angry Bear’s peace pipe.”

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