Peace pipe

Bart felt the heat in Marley’s kiss. Knew where it was leading. He backed away upon hearing someone working the flap of the tepee.

Marley didn't even hear the person she only felt bart move away. She blinked away the haze and bluahed as she followed them out. Black ant grinned at her as they sat down. Clearly he considered her freind.

Bart whispered to Marley, “We sit in around the fire with the Chiefs, Black Ant, and his Mother. We will smoke from Angry Bear’s peace pipe.”

Marley looked worried "do i have to?...i... Iv never smoked anything." she whispered back. She sat close to him. She wasnt hiding from him or anyone anymore. Next chance she got she would ask him...ask him if he felt for her like she did him. If his kiss ment anything maybe he did and that gave her hope.
Wild dog glared at the man and woman. He did not trust them or want them around. First chance he got he would kill them.

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