“Ya got yerself a good way with words Jake I give ya that. It means ye’ll be doin’ all the talkin’, and I’ll be doin’ the temptin’.”

“Miss Eliza, with a combination like that, this will be a piece of pie!” Jake offered her a boost up to her horse. “Don’t be mad....” he explained. “I mean no insult, specially since you just shot ole Billy right in his Willie, but I knows you was wounded, I’d offer a hand to a man just as quick. If’n you start to feel sore, all you gotta say is let’s have a smoke and we’ll rest up a bit. This way you can hang on to your pride and I ain’t never opposed to restin’ my backside on the side of the road. Now come on, bulls-eye, up you go. “ He stood by her horse with a knee bent for her to step up on, this way it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to the saddle.

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