The Ceremony

Marley looked worried "do i have to?...i... Iv never smoked anything." she whispered back. She sat close to him. She wasnt hiding from him or anyone anymore. Next chance she got she would ask him...ask him if he felt for her like she did him. If his kiss ment anything maybe he did and that gave her hope.
Wild dog glared at the man and woman. He did not trust them or want them around. First chance he got he would kill them.

Some drums began to sound after Bart an Marley sat by the fire. Four dancers in full dress danced around the fire. They represented the four winds. The medicine man came and blessed the four winds. The dance and drums came to an end.

Angry Bear lit his peace pipe. “Tonight we welcome as honorary members to the Shoshone tribe, Black Rider,” Black Ant musta told the chief the namevthe Sioux gave Bart, “and Little Lynx.” They gave her a name. He handed the peace pipe to each of his war chiefs after he stoked it. They each took a puff; Wild Dog didn’t seem happy ‘bout it. Flying Eagle gave it to Black Ant’s mother, who smoked it and gave it to Black Ant. Black Ant took a small puff, then gave it to Bart. Bart drew in some smoke, realizing the tobacco was strong. He held the smoke momentarily, almost immediately feeling the effects. He wondered what else was mixed into the tobacco. He knew they often added bark, herbs, and the Bear berry to the tobacco. He also knew sometimes it brought hallucinations. Handing it to Marley, Bart whispered, “You must, you are part of the delegation. You must take two, then handvit back to me. The second time is us offering peace to them.”

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