Blendin of Tribes

Marley did as instructed amd tried not to caugh or make a face. She was not successful. She got light headed and shook her head. What ever type of tobacco that was it did not agree with her.

Bart took the pipe from her, grinnin at Marley, realizing it was probably the first she had smoked anything in her life. He took another toke an handed the pipe to Black Ant, then to Black Ant’s mother, back to Flying Eagle and Wild Dog, finally back in Chief Angry Bear’s hand, who took the final smoke.

“What has happened here tonight,” Angry Bear explained, “gives testimony to an alliance between our tribe and your tribe. We have done this before, only to have the treaty broken by White Chief. Cursed is anyone breaking this alliance.” He looked at Wild Dog as he said this, knowing his heart. “I have added another piece to ceremony,” Angry Bear continued, “to emphasize the blending of our tribes to one. That is why Summer Rain and Black Ant are here.”

Bart was wondering their piece in the ceremony. They seemed as clueless as he as to why they were around the council fire. Summer Rain did not seem to be high up in the tribe. Bart hadn’t met her husband. May be, she is here instead of her husband.

Angry Bear continued. “To symbolize the blending of our tribes into one, Black Rider, I give Summer Rain to you as a wife.”

Bart looked dumbfounded. This had never happened in negotiations before. He looked at Marley, not knowing what to say.

“Little Lynx, I give you to Wild Dog as a wife.”

Bart didn’t know what to do or say. He tried to remain calm, but was showing some anxiousness. “With respect, Chief Angry Bear, you cannot give Little Lynx to Wild Dog.”

“Why?” The Chief asked with a raised brow.

Bart was exasperated. He had to save Marley from this. It was all his fault. In desparation, he shouted, “‘Cause she’s mine!”

The chief replied, “What is done, is done. It cannot change.” In other words, the Chief cannot reverse what he initiated.

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