Fight rights

Angry Bear continued. “To symbolize the blending of our tribes into one, Black Rider, I give Summer Rain to you as a wife.”

Bart looked dumbfounded. This had never happened in negotiations before. He looked at Marley, not knowing what to say.

“Little Lynx, I give you to Wild Dog as a wife.”

Wild dog laughed out loud. This was better then killing the man. Summer rain glared at bart like he was a snake. Marley almost choked. Tears filled her eyes. She looked at bart fear showing.

Bart didn’t know what to do or say. He tried to remain calm, but was showing some anxiousness. “With respect, Chief Angry Bear, you cannot give Little Lynx to Wild Dog.”

“Why?” The Chief asked with a raised brow.

Bart was exasperated. He had to save Marley from this. It was all his fault. In desparation, he shouted, “‘Cause she’s mine!”

The chief replied, “What is done, is done. It cannot change.”

Marley couldn't take this. She stood and shook her head tears in her eyes "no! You can not give what is not yours!" she tried to calm her self and be respectful. "to take me from black rider is... Is... Its like white men taking your land... Only i am not land i am a one owns me... I'll be no ones wife"
Black ant tried to shush her.

Wild dog gave a Angry look "she is mine.." he demanded. She looked to the cheif with pleading eyes "there has to be another way. " she begged. "no!" wild dog snapped and moved jerking her up by her arm. "mine!"
Black ant jumped up " napitenkeh dokwai!!" (fight rights. )
Marley looked at him confused and wild dog almost growled. "it means... To fight for own... Or... I dont know words" he explained to her. He faced the cheif but looked at the ground "it is fair.. " he mumbled. "winner had both wives" he finished then sat down. Summer rain rapped one arm around his shoulders. Her face did not vhange but her eyes said she hoped black rider lost. She did not want be a white mans.

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