Fight Night

Marley looked at him confused and wild dog almost growled. "it means... To fight for own... Or... I dont know words" he explained to her. He faced the cheif but looked at the ground "it is fair.. " he mumbled. "winner had both wives" he finished then sat down. Summer rain rapped one arm around his shoulders. Her face did not vhange but her eyes said she hoped black rider lost. She did not want be a white mans.

Bart was still at a loss. His type of life wasn’t meant fer marryin. He was a wanderer, never settlin in one place fer very long. He never had long relationships because of it.

He came here a single man. He preferred to be a single man. But now, there was a chance that Bart May have two wives, one of which he was just learnin to know, the other, he didn’t know at all. And she didn’t seem too happy ‘bout it.

Bart’s collar bone was still healing. It felt better, but certain movements of his right arm brought pain. Bart had taught hisself to shoot fast and accurately left handed, but somethin told Bart they wouldn’t be using guns.

He could fight well, when healthy. But was unsure how his body would react now. And Wild Dog? He was a War Chief in prime condition. But Bart knew he had to do somethin to save Marley. If he were to die, at least he wouldn’t hafta see Marley suffer.

From what Bart knew ‘bout Black Ant, he liked him. He was a good-natured boy. He followed directions, and seemed to get along with everyone. Even when he and the others attempted to nab Marley an Liza, he was following Wild Dog’s orders.

Shit! Liza! What will she think ‘bout this?/ Bart knew it would end any progress he had made there. There was no recovery. She’d see him for the idjit he was.

Bart stood, signed to Black Ant, “Thank you! You brave man!”

He meant it. He wouldn’t mind lernin the boy on how to shoot an ‘bout life as Bart understood it, which wasn’t much.

Bart faced Wild Dog. Bart unwrapped his right arm. Each were given a knife for each hand. Bart knew it would be strategy, not brute strength that would win this for him. The others formed a circle around them.

Chief Angry Bear announced, “Let the fight begin.”

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