Bart faced Wild Dog. Bart unwrapped his right arm. Each were given a knife for each hand. Bart knew it would be strategy, not brute strength that would win this for him. The others formed a circle around them.

Chief Angry Bear announced, “Let the fight begin.”

Marley was moved to sit with summer rain and black ant. She worried about bart. She knew he wasnt all the way healed. Black ant patted her hand. He believed in black rider. Summer rain watched unmoved. Fate would decide how things were to be.
Wild dog grinned and began to Circle bart. Good. Now he could kill the man and have the white women. Two time the pain for the pale demon. With a quick jump he jabbed his knife at the man who jumped away barely in time. Wild dog moved again this time just breaking the ski. On his arm. He would kill him.

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