Wild dog grinned and began to Circle bart. Good. Now he could kill the man and have the white women. Two time the pain for the pale demon. With a quick jump he jabbed his knife at the man who jumped away barely in time. Wild dog moved again this time just breaking the ski. On his arm. He would kill him.

Bart knew the Indian way was to go after an enemy’s weakness. He knew Mad Dog would go after his right side. He let him. The first time, he slowly pulled back just in time to avoid the strike, wincing as pain shot through his shoulder. The next time, he moved slightly slower, taking a small cut to the right arm. He winced as if in pain.

Bart decided to let Wild Dog’s aggression be his downfall. So Bart acted as if he were attacking with his right hand and feigned the pain in his right shoulder and falling to his knees. Wild Dog seen his advantage and kept toward Bart, who quickly thrusted upward with his left hand to go deep into Wild Dog’s stomach. Bart didn’t stop there, but clenched his jaws and yanked the knife with all his strength as far as he could upward. Bart wanted to do as much damage as he could. He wanted the man to die knowing pain.

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