Violent Impulses

"Quarter for the night." He said in a gravely voice. "And the whore can't stay. Brothel's in the back room of the saloon."

Eliza only shot the man a glare, fighting her impulse to climb over the counter and strangle him until his eyes popped from their sockets. Thankfully Jake took care of the entire situation.

“Oh.... " Jake said. "No, this here ain't no whore. And I don't want to stay the night. I've a proposition for the men inside there, and I'd 'preciate you letting me go and speak with them, and in exchange, I'll give you this here whole roll of nickles I got. Jake opened his hand to reveal a roll of nickels. As the innkeeper reached for it, Jake closed his hand into a fist and hit the man with an uppercut. He followed it closely with a left hook that laid the man out. "See? He's a reasonable sort. All right, Miss Eliza, let's hire us some guns."

Eliza nodded and gave the counter man a last piercing glower before turning to walk beside Jake into the back.

They came upon an available looking group of men sitting before a sizzling fireplace, drinking and chatting about things Eliza would have broken their noses for.

However, instead of inflicting any violence onto these possible candidates, she unbottend the top of her shirt and leaned casually against the wall beside them, causing one after another to turn their heads and peer at her in confusion.

Eliza knew she was no great beauty with her uncombed hair and men’s clothing, but she also knew that in her experience men—especially travellers who’d lacked a woman’s company in a couple of days— went for pretty much anything with the parts of the opposite sex.

She gave Jake an expecting look. While she might have had her practice with using mere gender as a form of getting what she wanted, words weren’t much her strong suit. They had a much better chance of Jake did the talking like they’d discussed.

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