New day

I’d rather be with the Lynx I was with last night,” Bart teased back. He realized it was her first time. It was his first time too. With a certified virgin, that is. The feelin was diff’rent. He seemed to enjoy it more with one who actually cared fer him. He kissed her cheek, then rose and got dressed.

Marley lauhhed and stood to get dressed as well. She was practicly glowing and for the first time in a long time she felt whole. Not sad or confused but like with the new day everything was going to be brighter.

He went outta the tepee and checked on Summer Rain and Black Ant. Both were already wide awake. He waved and announced, “I’ll be in council with Chief Angry Bear if’n ya’ll need me.” Bart reassured Summer Rain by caressing her face from forehead to chin before leavin.

Summer rain gave bart the same affection and watched him go. She turned to black and and spoke in their toung. "go get the girl.. We will show her our ways today. " he nodded and a few moments later marley joined him. He would translate for his mother. "son says you are medicine Woman....we go work with our medicine man now. " she lead them to the tent. They spent the afternoon with summer rain showing Marley herbs and remedies and what they were for. Marley showed her how the white mans medicine worked.
Closer to late noon they sat with the other woman. Some made quilts others ground grains. Others made baskets. All of them laughed and talked to each other. They included Marley teaching her words and signs. The kids painted her face and put feathers and beads in her hair.
Summer rain watch with a approving smile "you will be good wife... And good mother... He will be proud." Marley blushed then realized that she now shared a man with this woman. " and you as well im sure. " summer rain laughed for the first time. "no... I am his... And he is mine.... But ill not lay with him...ill not carry his child.... We have come to a different terms" as black ant translated all this marley felt relief flood her. She smiled at summer rain... She could see her selfs as good freinds with her.

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