“Looks like rain,” Cody observed to Mattie. “Don’t think much work’ll got done in Riverside today. What say we head to Pine, git a room. I think I’ve been away from ye too long.” Cody gave her a sly grin.

"I remember the last rainstorm, Bucky Franks," she said, biting her lip, fire burning inside her. "And what me an' you did t'pass the time, but don't worry, this time I'll go easy on you. How long is it gonna take t'get to Pine?"

Cody made everything better, even the horror of that day, sooner he got better, the sooner she'd get to being Mrs. Cody Franks.

Up in the hills, Boyd watched over the doc taking care of Elliot. He'd nabbed the doctor tending to patients in Riverside, despite the man's objections.

"You one a Starr's men?" The doctor had asked, when Boyd burst in, guns a blaze. The question earned him a pistol whipping before being dragged off to tend to Elliot, an insurance policy to keep the gang leader alive. Soon as Elliot was well enough, the sooner he'd finish what he started -- ending Cody Franks.

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