Back Into Real Clothes

There, by the stables, was a shiny red Carriage. "Likely the driver is spending t'night in the bunkhouse, it's far 'nuff away. I'll go grab us some whiskey, we can drink it up while stayin' dry, and in the mornin' we hook that cart up to 'em horses, and ride in style. What says you?"

Eliza grinned. “Can’t ‘blive I didn’t see that myself,” she said. “Reckon we can keep dry near the stables an’ wake up long afore the driver does. ‘E’ll never know what came fer ‘is wheels.”

Eliza hesitated for a moment though. Her clothes were still in the saddle bag. Her horse however was most likely long gone already after the scare of its friends running loose. She didn’t feel like spending much longer in this dress. It restricted her in many ways that men’s fashion did not.

“Hold on a moment,” she told Jake and disappeared in the clinic once again.

Inside she turned to the dead doctor on the ground and cringed before pulling off his trousers. The last thing she needed was to run around in some doctors attire, but from the belt down he was fine. She found a large blade in one of his boots as well and didn’t hesitate to stick it into her own.

With his trousers and belt in hand, she stepped back out of the office. “Help me out ‘ere affore ya leave ta get the liquor, will ya?” she asked Jake and led him to the stables.

She climbed the ladder to where the straw was stored under the roof and stretched out her arms welcoming. “Better than any inn eh?” She said.

Before warning Jake, she took off her boots and stepped into the doctors trousers, lifting her skirt to tie up the belt at her hips. Next she pulled the knife from her boot and held it to the skirt attatched to the rest of the dress.

“I can always get myself a new one,” she said to confirm herself and Jake that this was a good idea. She had no use for a dress anymore.

Without another word she cut the skirt at her mid tigh and tied up the rest into a large knot at her waist.

“Alright, gonna need ya help with the corset again,” she told Jake and turned for him to reach the laces.

Without the corset it was just like a large dark blue shirt with a collapsing collar. Nothing that would attract too much attention to her, and with her hat, she would blend in just fine.

“Oh,” she said and turned one last time to hand him her dagger. “In case ya need it. The laces can be a ‘lil rough.” She shot him a smirk. “But ya already know that don’t ya.”

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