Up On the Mad Mountain

Elliot woke up early in the morning, and he saw the doctor looking out at the stars above the town of Silverado down below. His eyes were heavy, but he managed to sit up. "Why haven't you just left?" Elliot asked the man.

"Because you scare me, sir, that's why." Elliot chuckled. The doctor took out a flask of alcohol and took a drink. "I know your type. I treat your victims half of the time I breathe. Every person that comes into my clinic tells the same story: they thought they'd escaped you, but you found 'em. Yer good at that, I'll tell ya."

Elliot cracked a smile through the shivering cold of the mountain. "That's our trademark. We don't mess around with people who think they can upstand us."

The doctor laid back on his sleeping mat and looked up at the sky. "Why haven't you just...stopped the killin'? Run far away from here, get a new life, just forget it all?"

"Because that's not who I am," Elliot said. "I can't just run away from this life, not after all it's done for me."

"And what hasit done for ya?" The doctor asked. "Besides get you stuck up on a mountain wit me?"

"It's given me a family. Boyd may be too shy to admit it, or too manly to, but me and him go back a while. Same with everyone else that came through the gang. Now it's all gone, though."

"And what will ya do? Once it all comes crumblin' down, and you're left to hang..."

"The hell you sayin'?" Elliot asked with anger creeping through. "I ain't swingin' by neck, I tell you what."

"All that I'm tryin' to say is that a man like yourself needs to be careful. The life of an outlaw can rain misfortune on just about everyone. Everyone you love."

Elliot rested back on his pillow. "Go back to sleep, old man."

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