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Summary: "Hi," Luna said. "Screech," replied Snowy.

Luna Gray

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Gender: Female

Age: 12

Group: 2nd Year Slytherin Students


Luna stands about 5 feet tall. She is pale with long white hair and blue eyes.

Pet / Familiar (Owl, Cat, Rat, Toad)

Luna has a pet snow owl named Snowy. He is smaller than most snow owl and is unusually friendly.

Favorite Spell (Age Appropriate)

Lumos is Luna's favorite charm. She is not a fan of the dark.

Subject with Worst Marks / Favorite Class

Her worst subjects are Potions and History of Magic.

Her favorite class is Charms, but only because Broom Flight Class is a 1st year only class.


Luna’s mother, Elizabeth Gray, is a stay at home mother. She uses her magic to help her with household chores. Luna's father Johnson Gray works for the Ministry of Magic. Luna has no idea or interest in what his job is beyond that. Her parents were both sorted into Slytherin and were very happy when she had been sorted into Slytherin. However, they're not thrilled about her bad marks in Potions as the pair of them had very good marks in that class.

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Image of Luna Gray
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