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Summary: "Don't feel sorry for him; he really is a little shit." - his own Mother

Larry Rucker

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Gender: Male

Age: 12

Group: 2nd Year Slytherin Students


Larry wears circular framed glasses over bright green eyes, has unruly black hair and is visibly perturbed at all times. Harry Potter looks a lot like Larry Rucker and Larry hates that. He tries to get the other students to call him Lawrence instead, but they refuse.

Pet / Familiar (Owl, Cat, Rat, Toad)

A plain brown toad named Mudd; a truly worthless animal. That doesn't keep Larry from confiding in it; sharing all of his twisted musings and gripes. Thus the unfortunate nickname: The Toad Whisperer.

Favorite Spell (Age Appropriate)

Nox. There's something very satisfying about putting someone else's light out.

Subject with Worst Marks / Favorite Class

His worst class is Potions mostly because he is dyslexic and gets the measurements wrong all the time. It's not his fault he was born this way, but it is his problem.

He loves History of Magic and the sound of Professor Binn's soothing voice. No one ever seems to want too discuss his favorite class, though.


Larry has a rough time of things and his bad attitude only makes it worse. He's an only child whose parents regularly sent him off to camp then spent the time while he was away helping to raise the neighbor kid and to whom they were eventually named Godparents. The neighbor kid hates Larry. Larry doesn't even really like himself. He is always waiting for his big break and chance to shine, but he refuses to put himself out there for fear of failure or being denied proper credit for his small successes. He's routinely overlooked and his contributions minimized. The world is out to screw him over and he has a big chip on his young shoulders. He's always blamed his misfortunes on others and as a result makes few friends. Coming to Hogwarts last year was supposed to solve all that with the ready-made built in system of friendship inherent in being sorted into a communal house. Then he went and got himself put into Slytherin where he's surrounded by tough love, harsh practical jokes and kids who want to steal his thunder.

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Image of Larry Rucker
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