Our Head of House is None Too Happy

"Dragon's Schmagon's." Casey mocked. "Larry here had to go to the States all summer on account of his mom still loves that Godchild better 'n him. Wanker. He didn't get gored by a bull, or so he says. I learned some new curses too." She lied/bragged, not wanting to be shown up by Alexander. "I'd show you 'em, but one of them might just derail this whole train."

She was glad Eric was safely caged and in a compartment where he couldn't injure himself. Taking care of a wounded owl would suck. It wouldn't suck as hard as owning a toad though. She would have pointed that out to Larry, 'cept he didn't really own a toad anymore. Stupid Larry's old toad going and dying and ruining a chance for a choice insult about owning a toad.

"Did you all hear? We got a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor again this year. They passed up Snape again, so it's a good thing you losers worked on your potions, he is going to be even crankier this year than normal."

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