Heresy, Hearsay

Larry dramatically waved at the air in front of him with his book, in order to avoid coming in contact with any owl dander as Snowy fluffed his feathers. Casey watched closely, still looking for signs of an allergy. Seeing none, she scrunched up her face and Larry went back to reading.

"Did I pet a dragon?" Casey scoffed. "No, but I punched one right in the snout."

"No, you didn't. " Larry said, matter of fact, not looking up from his book.

"Maybe I didn't. Though I would punch one right in the snout." That'd show the dragon. Show it what, she wasn't sure.

"No, you wouldn't."

"I might, Git. I'll punch you right in the snout."

"That, I believe." Casey sat back and smiled. Larry was alright. Alexander didn't take well to getting punched in the gut. It triggered a speech about being the dark lord which would earn him a second punch in the gut, and it was a pretty never ending cycle. It didn't stop it from happening occasionally, though. Hotaru was all right. She, Casey, Luna and two other gits shared a dorm room as first years. Hotaru could take a joke, and Panger B refrained from getting fur on any of Casey's belongings. Plus, deep down Casey figured Eric could take Panger B in a steel cage match, so there was no need to have that discussion. Luna, Luna was sweet and nice and a complete Hufflepuke at heart. But the hat put her in Slytherin, and the 'hat is never wrong,' so Casey was willing to put up with someone being sensitive because Slytherin's stick together. That and she was pretty sure if she punched Luna in the snout, Luna'd cry and Casey wasn't sure how to deal with that.

"I heard..." Casey said in her best conspiring voice, as if she was telling a ghost story around a campfire. "that You-Know-Who cursed the position. My brother Alastair said that he heard from my brother Jasion who in his sixth year heard from my brother Torin that Dumbledore said that You-Know-Who said he didn't want anyone learning how to defend themselves against the Death Eaters, so he cursed it. "

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