Identities Unmasked

"You mean to tell me that the grandson of Blackbeard and the son of Captain Sparrow himself grew up to be a Privateer in the English Royal Navy?" Belle asked for confirmation. It seemed completely absurd to the educated young woman that the direct offspring of such treacherous men could be any less detrimental than they.

It was then that King Adam calmly, yet purposefully made his way into the library.

"Excuse me," he said politely to Privateer Silas or Knight Cal or whoever the man actually was, gently pushing him to the side to get to his wife. When he came to stand by her side, he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Belle, there has been an alarming situation in the village. It seems that a pirate has both docked and somehow made his way into the kingdom right beneath the Guard's Watch's noses. Please, I would feel better with you in our chambers while I sort this mess out."

Belle's honey-colored eyes widened as both her mind and heart raced with fear, adrenaline, and never ceasing clues all converging in her mind in a matter of seconds. She carefully glanced at the roguish man still standing in the doorway.

He couldn't be, could he?

Belle looked up at her husband and quickly nodded in obedience at his request. She turned to the stranger. "I'm afraid, we will have to speak another time, Sir Sparrow," she said in finality, moving toward the door.

As she moved, Adam grabbed his wife's arm protectively. "I am serious, my love. Please stay where I can find you." Belle had been known to be rather rebellious-- with all good intentions, of course. She had quite the independent spirit. The king's sky blue eyes locked with his queen's steady gaze. He had too much to worry about, and his wife should not have to be one of them right now. "Belle--" he said aloud before he instantly realized his mistake.

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