Martyrs of a People

“She’s not your love,” Adam spat at the loathsome man holding his wife entirely too tightly.

Belle, still held hostage at gun point, squeezed her eyes shut at the sound of her king’s familiar voice, holding back hot salty tears just begging to run down her cheeks. Her mind was dizzy with too many thoughts running through her head. She dug her nails into the palms of her hands to try to keep herself from shaking in the pirate’s deadly grip. The queen had absolutely no idea what to do. She was not even completely sure that she possessed the specific tome that he was pining after.

As every harsh syllable tumbled from his foul lips, her heart leapt with fear. He continued to threaten each of their lives as if they were merely pawns in a chess game. Belle was faced with an impossible choice—she either refused and watched Adam die, or lead the pirate to the book she prayed she actually had and then he would probably still kill them both. Either way, she knew that life would never be the same after she made her split-second decision.

“Take our lives,” Belle said with a reserved confidence. If they were to perish no matter what she said, at least she could decide for herself to leave this world with the love of her life and potentially keep the rest of the world safe from harm—or if she were as clever as she thought she was, the pirate was bluffing.

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