Stakes Raised

Cal's jaw nearly dropped. Most people would've succumb to the threats. Most people would've handed over whatever he demanded. In fact, everyone did. But not this woman. She was tough. She was fearless. She was the only one who could read that tome. Yes, Cal had learned some spells ever since he took up piracy. But there was one thing that stopped him from progressing in his tracks. Latin. He couldn't read the dead language. The language that most spells and incantations were written in. He not only needed the book, but he needed her. He needed her to enchant his grandfather's sword so it would be connected to the Black Pearl. That is, if the tome was written in Latin. But there was only a slight to impossible chance that it wasn't. He couldn't take that risk by killing them both. He had to come up with an even bigger bluff. He then pulled the hammer back on his other pistol. "Alright, maybe this threat wasn't as persuasive as I thought it would be. Alright loves, hand over that book, or else this entire castle gets put under that curse again. You know, that curse that trapped your beloved in a beastly form. And not only that, but all of the servants into mere household objects. But guess what? There will be no true love's kiss to break the spell, because both of you will be dead. Then, I'll take your servants, add them as decorations to me ship, and watch as they permanently become simple home decor. And no one will be able to do anything about it, because I, Cal, the Silent Sparrow, will become self-proclaimed King of Alsace. So you better make up my mind before I'm tempted to give up piracy and take me place as king. Savvy?"

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