Taking His Place

As Belle heard the pistol aiming for Adam’s temple lock into place, her heart instantly fell to her feet. Had she made the right decision in handing over both of their lives so easily? Her darling husband had not so much as flinched when she had made the deadly decision. His eyes hadn’t left her. He would never leave her. He had promised that long ago.

Unfortunately, the Sparrow character was more intelligent than he seemed. Rather than pulling the trigger of each pistol, and thus ultimately ending his chances at gaining any more power, he took a moment to gather his bearings and his own intellect, his seeming specialty, black magic.

With that pool of knowledge, Calico made an even worse threat than death itself—eternal imprisonment. At the mere mention of the tragedies that Adam had once suffered, the king’s entire body language changed from a rigid, fiercely protective beast into a trapped, terrified child.

“No,” he whispered helplessly. He looked from his beautiful wife to the dread pirate. “Please, no,” he begged. This time the curse would not just affect him and his most dear friends and family, it would take Belle from him, too.

Belle quickly opened her mouth to say something, but then thought better of it. Certainly, there was no way that this cruel man from halfway across the world would know such a powerful spell as the one laid on Alsace by the Enchantress so many moons ago, but what if he really did? She could not bare to watch her loved ones suffer once again. She could not watch Adam spiral back into his suicidal depression. That in itself would end up killing the both of them—slowly, painfully.

“Alright! Enough!” Belle exploded suddenly. Her emotions were getting the better of her. Her palms had been stained with small trickles of blood that silently fell to the floor. If she couldn’t save herself, she would at least save the man who she loved more than anything in the world. “I’ll take you to your precious tome.” She looked at Adam before quickly adding, “Under one condition.” Her eyes welled with tears. Once again, she was the martyr. “Adam goes free,” she finished quietly, a single tear falling down her cheek.

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