Mere Insurance

Cal rolled his eyes, still holding his pistol at Adam. "I guarantee you, your husband will go free. I promise. You have me word. Holding this gun at him right now... it's just insurance to make sure you bring me what I've demanded. I mean, if I lower me pistol right now, that gives both of you the perfect chance to run, or even take me captive. So this, this here is just me insurance that I get what I came here for. Savvy?" But he saw that she would not move. Unfortunately, he needed insurance of his own. "Alright, alright, alright! Here." With his free hand, Cal took his compass out of his pocket. "You see this? This compass is what led me to your castle and that tome. Here you go." He then tossed the compass to the Queen. "Take that as my personal insurance that I won't dare harm your husband here, or else you can make off with me compass, me tome, and keep locked up forever and an eternity. Do we have an accord?"

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